by Barri Bryan

March 2004
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Set in 1946 in the Application backwoods, Another Time, Another Place is a unique and strange mix of a historical novel and the paranormal. Barri Bryan’s book gives the reader a glimpse into a bygone time, when school was taught in two rooms and children walked barefoot to school. Grace Collin is a school teacher who only has her students’ best interest at heart. When she meets the Slayton’s on a family visit; she is strangely drawn to the Slayton’s oldest son Cody and him to her. The Slayton family is not the most popular family in the area and when Cody and Grace are seen together, people in the town become concerned. Grace cannot explain the attraction between her and Cody and is unsure what to believe when Cody tells her that they have been in love for sometime. In order to be together Grace and Cody must past a test that has been set before them.

This book had a very bizarre theme- alien love, which is not revealed until the end of the story. I found the plot to be hard to follow and unbelievable. Although I enjoy a touch of the paranormal in my romances, this story is so outlandish that instead of being enchanted by the love story, I spent much of my time simply saying “what?” However, the characters are well defined and enjoyable. In fact the plot would have made a wonderful historical, it is the paranormal parts which ruin this story. The romance between Grace and Cody is rushed and not very deep or devoted. In fact I doubt in real life the two of them ever would have fallen in love. Overall, this story is a poorly written example of a paranormal romance gone wrong.

Reviewed in July 2004 by Jen.

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