by Joey W. Hill

March 2004
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Author, Joey W. Hill has written an explosive story of power play, murder, trust and love in Natural Law. When clients of a high class BDSM club end up murdered, detective Mackenzie Nighthorse goes undercover as a male submissive in order to solve the case. He expects to find clues leading to the Domme committing those crimes, but what he doesn't expect to find is true love. Finding a partner in the lifestyle involves letting down inner walls. This Mac can do. Yet, when it comes to his heart it is more difficult to let go.

Violet has trained to be a Dominatrix. She is adept at reading people. Going to the BDSM club to help a homicide cop uncover a murderer never entered her mind when she became a member. That's exactly what she does, as well as becoming Mac's Mistress. In more ways than one.

Natural Law, is a well-written suspense. Some may be uncomfortable with the detail given to what goes on in the rented rooms of the club. But it all plays out in the capture of the murderer. The reader will be left feeling satisfied with the love story, amazed at the outcome of the case and gain more understanding of those who choose the lifestyle.

Reviewed in April 2004 by Rho.

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