by Ruth D. Kerce

March 2004
ISBN: 1-84360-816-2
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Braden Koll, a Warrior from Xylon, is on Earth, tracking his latest objective. Braden is part of a special mission from his planet, to search star systems looking for genetically compatible women. His planet's survival depends on the success of such missions. Centuries ago the Warriors of Xylon were able to impregnate any human female, but something happened that altered their genetics.

After Alexa's mother died, she discovered some secret documents. In those documents, her mother makes reference to a journal. Alexa has had strange dreams for years, and she hopes that the answer as to the reason why she is having those dreams may be in that journal. However, when she looks for it, she discovers that it is missing. When Alexa receives a call from a stranger telling her that she has the journal, Alexa can't resist the lure to try and get it back. However, she is being set up for capture by the enemies of the Xylon. A dark and dangerous looking stranger prevents Alexa from being taken ... but what are his real intentions?

Ruth D. Kerce’s Xylon Warriors 1: Initiation is the first book of what promises to be a high intensity ride futuristic erotic romance series. This book has a bit of everything: action/adventure, sex, romance, sex, political intrigue, sex, suspense ... did I mention the SEX? With an excellent cast of characters to match an engaging plot, I found myself squirming at my seat more than once. I admit that, at times, some of the secondary characters engaged my interest more than the main characters. I also was a bit annoyed with a specific portion of the story that, to me, was obvious, but I do understand that the author is probably using it as a plot ploy. I am truly looking forward to the next installment of Ms. Kerce’s Xylon Warriors series. If you like futuristic stories with plenty of action and hot love scenes, you may want to give Xylon Warriors 1: Initiation a try.

Reviewed in July 2004 by Mireya.

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