by Melanie Craft

May 2004
ISBN: 0-446-61284-7
Reviewer Graphic Button Warner Books
Mass Market Paperback

Ms. Craft has penned a book filled with love, humor, and intrigue in a fast paced story that guarantees a good, enjoyable read for an afternoon.

Molly Shaw leads two lives, one in secret. By day she’s a History Professor at a university, and by night she’s a romance author. Really loving her teaching job, Molly takes great care never to let her secret life as pseudo author Sandra St. Claire ever be exposed. But when old college buddy Carter shows up and begs for a favor, she fears her secret life is about to come to an end. If she agrees to Carter’s crazy plan and it fails, she’ll most likely be exposed. Nevertheless, she can’t refuse Carter, and agrees to help him. Carter is planning on writing an exclusive bio on billionaire hotel mogul, Jake Berenger. But Jake isn’t the type to cooperate, and Carter schemes to use ‘Sandra St. Claire’ in hoping she just might be Jake’s ‘ideal woman’, and help him get the information he needs.

And Jake Berenger is definitely in need of the ‘ideal woman’. He’s got financial problems and image problems, thanks to a vindictive ex lover. If he doesn’t change his lifestyle and ‘appear’ to become the idea ‘family man’, he’s sure to lose more than he can afford to. When he meets sexy Sandra St. Claire, something just doesn’t seem right. He thinks she’s putting on a very elaborate act, but can’t figure out why she’d go through all that trouble. The mystery keeps him intrigued --- and he finds himself slowly falling in love with her.

This was a very entertaining read, and the occasional humorous situations kept the pace of the book moving swiftly. Although they are complete opposites in their lifestyles, Jake and Molly turn out to be the perfect match for each other.

A definite recommend for readers looking for a ‘feel good read’ that has all the ingredients a good love story should.

Reviewed in April 2004 by Kari.

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