by Pamela Britton

July 2004
ISBN: 0-446-61131-X
Reviewer Graphic Button Warner Books
Mass Market Paperback

Estranged from his uncle for boyish misdeeds, Rein Montgomery is still his heir. When the Duke of Wroxly dies, Rein is dumbfounded to discover that there is an impediment to his inheritance. His ascension to the title is not in doubt, but in order to gain the estates that will maintain it, Rein must spend a month in anonymous poverty. The former Duke created this codicil as a test of the young manís character, and Rein is determined to succeed.

Anna Rose Brooks is not a typical Covent Garden merchant. Upon the death of her parents, Anna came to live with her eccentric grandfather. The gently bred young woman is well educated, and clearly is determined to climb out of poverty through hard work. She has carried on her parentís passion for sailing, combined with her grandfatherís streak of inventiveness, toward her goal. When one of her inventions accidentally gives Rein a concussion, she offers the stranger assistance.

While he cannot tell Anna who he really is, Rein is drawn to the determined young woman and vows to help her however he can. Something sinister is afoot, though, and it becomes apparent that someone does not want him to pass this test. Rein must make certain that the threats do not cause Anna any harm, while keeping his true identity hidden.

Scandal is a page-turning romance that will engage your attention from the very first chapter. Rein is a returning character from Tempted, and it is lovely to see him in his own story. Anna is a true Original and just perfect as his counterpoint. She is intelligent and lively, with a stubborn will to succeed. Ms. Britton has once again written a fast-paced compelling story that draws the readers into the midst of the action. With a deft touch of humor and a dash of danger, Scandal will enchant and entertain readers who expect the best in historic romance. Pamela Britton delivers in spades!

Reviewed in June 2004 by Paula.

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