by Kathleen Garnsey

March 2004
ISBN: 1-58608-396-1
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Hawk is a wanted man, convicted of a murder hes not sure he committed. Hes been living his life as a mercenary. Now, he heads to the planet, Neptus, to prove security for the SEA-Lab there. The planet of Estra is trying to find a cure for a horrible debilitating disease and they think the answer can be found on Neptus. But more is going on then just keeping security for the researchers. Someone is stealing priceless artifacts and research papers. Hawk believes the culprit might be trying to steal the cure. The person who had a working answer to the disease would become a rich man. Hawk must stop that at any cost.

Kylie Beryl is a researcher who is sent to Neptus to deal with the missing reports and slow progress of the research going on. A child of scientists, she will never be allowed to have a life-mate or children. Her genetics have been tampered with by the scientists on Estra. She has made peace with that law or so she thought. Now her parents have been diagnosed with the disease, she must race against time and people to find a cure.

She meets Hawk and the sparks fly. But the attraction must come second to finding a cure before its too late. Once the cure is found, Kylie and Hawk know that they must part. How can a genetic freak and a mercenary ever manage to love one another enough to make up for all their differences.

A good sci-fi read with a story of redemption of a man and a woman who think that the world has nothing for them, Hawks Redemption takes us to that place where ruthless people will steal a cure instead of helping those who suffer. Kylie and Hawk are dedicated characters. They find strength in their love for each other and their friends. Each is willing to look beyond the exterior to the true person underneath. The secondary characters shine as well, especially Jester and Jenna. If you take the time to read this story, you wont be disappointed. It gives hope that even the most lost soul can be found again.

Reviewed in May 2004 by Jenni.

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