by Stephanie Bedwell-Grime

March 2004
ISBN: 1-58608-394-5
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Amber has an unusual job; she set up an agency to help clients get revenge on cheating partners. Trouble is one time she got it wrong when she mistook Grayson for his twin brother and emptied an ice bucket in his lap.

I liked the lighthearted approach the author had to the characters. Amber is a woman who has no time for cheating men and men who treat women with little respect. She fully believes any revenge is justified. But Grayson gets her interest aroused and she feels she could get to like him a lot.

Grayson has problems when Roger poses as him in order to take Amber out, when Amber finds out it sets Graysonís credit back a few degrees much to his annoyance.

There is a little suspense in this book but to me it is just a contemporary and not really a romantic suspense. That doesnít mean it isnít a good read, because it is. But I think of romantic suspense as much darker and tenser than this book.

But the story is well written and the characters well thought out, and Amber is a good choice for a heroine and carries the story well. Sometimes it is easy to get confused between Roger and Grayson, the twins. Grayson is of course the hero but sometimes I think Roger overshadows him a bit.

I think Grayson tended to let thinks slide as his approach to his devious partner showed. Just as well Amber was on to him.

The main theme of the story is very much the feelings between Amber and Grayson. I sometimes felt that Grayson let Amber do the running knowing she would. He should have been more assertive.

I liked the story as a nice light read.

Reviewed in June 2004 by Mary.

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