by Charlotte Boyett-Compo

July 1999
ISBN: 0-7599-3625-0
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Lauren Fowler's birthday is today. She is turning 44 years old. However her birthday will go unnoticed. She will receive no cards, well wishes or cake. It will be just like any other day. You see Lauren is one of those people whose existence on this earth is rarely even acknowledged. She has no friends and her co-workers at the bookstore constantly talk about her behind her back, while making sure she can hear every mean thing they say. To say that Lauren is lonely and under appreciated is an understatement. No matter what she does and how hard she tries to please, others always find fault in whatever she has done. Lauren's lonely existence is about to change.

Syntain Cree has just entered the bookstore. He is the most handsome man Lauren has ever seen. Lauren's co-workers are pushing each other out of the way to try to gain this man's attention and be the one to help him with his purchases. It is to no avail, because he has chosen Lauren to help him with what he is searching for.

Syn, as he likes to be called, flirts with all the employees but only seems to be interested in Lauren. With her help he browses the store and ends up making a rather large purchase.

Long after her co-workers have left for the evening, Lauren is still at the bookstore cataloging the new books. The phone rings and Lauren answers. "Happy Birthday, Lauren" says the voice on the other end of the line. "Who is this?" Lauren asks but the line is dead.

Lauren prepares to walk the short distance to her apartment. She can't help wondering who her mysterious caller was from earlier in the evening. Mr Cree, the handsome man she helped earlier in the day comes to her mind but no it's couldn't be him. As she climbs the steps to her apartment she sees a single red rose with a card that says "From one who cares".

Over the next few weeks Lauren seems to run into Syntain Cree; everywhere she goes and he turns on the charm each time they meet. Soon the two are dating and before long they are considered a couple.

Lauren's life certainly changed the day Syn walked into the bookstore. Something else seems to have changed as well - you see Lauren's co-workers and acquaintances have started to have a run of bad luck. They are having accidents and misfortunes one right after the other. Could there be a connection?

With Nightwind, Charlotte Boyett-Compo has created a very intense reading experience. Ms Compo has a true gift of writing in a way that not only tells her story but makes the reader "feel" what the characters are feeling.

I could feel Lauren's loneliness as she went about her daily life unnoticed in the world. I could feel her joy when Syntain came into her life. At long last she had someone who cared about her and was glad she had been born.

I could feel Syntain Cree's anger at the way others treated Lauren. I could feel his desire to see that they pay for causing the one he loved such pain.

With her carefully chosen words, Ms Compo has the ability to make the reader feel as if they are living the story rather than just reading it. This is a sink your teeth in and come along for the ride type book. The book draws you in for a truly unique reading experience.

I am curious to read some of Ms Compo's other works to see if they have the same type of emotional impact on the reader. This was a very well crafted book that I won't soon forget.

For those vampire romance fans, I am told that the second book in this trilogy will be released sometime next year. This will give you time to catch your breath and prepare for another uniquely emotional reading experience.

Reviewed in January 2002 by Barbara.

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