by Lucy Clare

April 2004
ISBN: 0-451-21169-3
Reviewer Graphic Button New American Library
Mass Market Paperback

Jack Palmer passes away and his wife, Clattie is left holding the bag. She must break some shocking news to her family. How will they react to the secret their father kept from them for years? Can they pull themselves together?

While Clattie tries to help balance her family out, she must also deal with strange feelings for a new man in her life. Hugh becomes entangled in trying to make his business dreams come true. As he begins to sink deeper and deeper into debt, perhaps the family line may be all he has to save himself with. The connection he and his brother have been in denial about since Clattie revealed it.

This book takes an interesting look into the dynamics of families. The power struggles between siblings all striving to be on top. Then add a firecracker to the mix that the children donít expect, and unlikely things may start to happen. An interesting read, however it reads a little slower and has trouble maintaining avid attention due to the long spells between action.

There are several secondary characters involved in this story, and they tend to steal the reader's attention from the main character Clattie. You get to know her children and grandchildren much better than you do her. The story feels dragged out. In that the reader senses, or feels what is about to happen pages and pages and pages before it actually does. So when the event finally comes about, it's not the climatic reading experience one is used to in a fast paced, enjoyable novel. For me, this book wasn't one of the best or even better books I've read. It was just okay and leaves the reader with a humdrum feeling.

However, for those that enjoy slower paced novels, with more of a literary flare for description than action, this might be the story for them. I, myself, prefer fast paced action, surprises, conflicts that are explosive and alive rather than described. Or an emotional read that, rather than describe emotions present makes me feel emotions about it. Most of the emotional upheaval in this story is described to the reader rather than the reader experiencing it.

Reviewed in August 2004 by Katy.

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