by Diane Farr

April 2004
ISBN: 0-451-21170-7
Reviewer Graphic Button Signet Books
Mass Market Paperback

Diane Farr has been one of my favorite writers in the Regency arena since her first traditional Regency novel appeared. She is now writing historicals, which pleases me no end because her plots and characters can now be more fully developed. In Under a Lucky Star, Farr gives her readers a most unusual and memorable story of the rocky road that leads to true love.

Derek Whittaker is neither titled nor wealthy, but he is a most charming gentleman. One evening, while pursuing his favorite pastime of looking into places most people overlook--in this case, the backstage area of the theater--he is granted the opportunity to save a beautiful young woman from being mauled by a very nasty character. He and the grateful female form an almost instant bond, seeming to have found their soulmates. However, when Derek next sees her at an embassy ball, she cuts him dead, as though he did not exist. Wounded to the heart, he thinks of her with deep pain from that dreadful moment on!

The young woman, named Cynthia but known as the Frost Fair, because of her cool dismissal of potential suitors, is the daughter of an earl. Her mother has grand designs for her future, and pushes her relentlessly to succeed in the marriage mart--in other words, to marry a title with a large fortune to go with it. Yet, Cynthia cannot forget the handsome young man from the theater--the knight in shining armor she cannot even acknowledge without inciting her controlling motherís wrath.

The two protagonists of this novel are very well drawn and engaging. The bit of plot summary above may sound rather like a fairy tale, but it is not. It is a story with substance and emotional resonance. Not only are the characters engaging, but the story itself is quite compelling, drawing the reader on to learn why the characters act as they do and how the hero and heroine can overcome their obstacles and find their way to happiness.

Farr gives a fascinating twist to several conventions of the historical romance to give readers a keeper of a novel. If you like historical fiction, donít miss this one!

Reviewed in June 2004 by Barbara H..

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