by Jo Barrett

April 2004
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After a car accident Ruth Moore sees herself as not being able to walk on her own anymore and not knowing if her right hand would mend well from a fracture. One morning, her friend Jennifer comes over and rescues her, forcing her to start reconstructing her life. Jennifer takes Ruth to live with her, as a roommate and even finds her a job as a graphic designer, which is something that she can do from home.

Mitch Thomas abandoned his job as an architect in his fatherís firm shortly after the car accident in which he was involved. He found out that the driver of the other car is now paralyzed as a result. The accident had been his fault and yet, he was the one who survived with barely a scratch. Rethinking his whole life, Mitch is now working as a handyman at Jenkins General Store, and hoping to start his own vineyard in the not so distant future. His father disapproves, but he couldn't care less about what his father wants anymore.

While on their way to Jenniferís, Ruth and her friend stop at Jenkins' General Store. As Jennifer goes in to browse, Ruth sits outside, sketching. Ruth's attention is caught by something far more interesting than the landscape surrounding the store: Mitch. Neither one realizes at the time the sort of trick that fate has just played on them.

Jo Barrettís A Brush with Love is an engaging contemporary romance filled with emotion and excellent characterization. Ruth is a woman that has been emotionally scarred. Raised by a verbally abusive mother, her sense of self-worth is basically non-existent. As to Mitch, after the accident, he is quite affected, to the point in which he reconsiders his whole life. Then there is Jennifer. I must say she is one of the most endearing secondary characters Iíve ever read. She deserves a story of her own! A Brush with Love is a story of love, emotional healing, and friendship. This is a book that will certainly appeal to all lovers of contemporary romance.

Reviewed in July 2004 by Mireya.

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