by Mary Lennox

January 2004
ISBN: 1-59414-107-X
Reviewer Graphic Button Five Star
Trade Paperback

Promises and pledges ruled the life of Melanion, son of King Kryton. In the King’s 24 years of reign, Melanion returned to Macedonia to find his father gleefully awaiting an invasion of Thessaly. The problem was that Melanion had given a vow to his mother on her deathbed to protect Thessaly, her homeland. The stipulation of the vow was that he must do so without harming a hair on his father’s head. This proved to be nearly impossible since the corrupt Polymus had the King within his villainous grip.

Princess Atalante had problems of her own. Her parents were badgering her to marry against her wishes. Princess Atalante’s brother Hyperion was fragile of health and it was very unlikely he would live to rule in his father’s stead. This being the case, Atalante had trained hard to be the warrior her brother should have been. Wasn’t that enough to please her father? Marriage and motherhood had no place in Atalante’s life now or later. Who would want her anyway? She’d been chosen by the goddess and marked as a result. What man would want a scarred wife?

Atalante needed to train for the forthcoming games. She ran off to the mountains to her secret cave when she came across a magnificent stag amongst the trees. Her arrow was quick and sure. She thought. When Atalante ran to her fallen victim she saw a man rather than a stag. Horrified, Atalante managed to get him on his horse and then fled with him to find assistance.

A Macedonian farm provided the help they needed and it was there that Atalante found out the identity of the injured man. Once Melanion was able, he insisted on going to Thessaly with Atalante. He wanted to learn as much as he could about the homeland of his mother. He quickly became enthralled with the land and its people. Unfortunately, that only added to his problem. How was Melanion going to keep his father from destroying Thessaly while at the same time keeping to the regulations of his vow?

Author Mary Lennox, has taken the age-old tale of good versus evil and created a credible yarn of courage and passion mixed with fantasy. The reader will find the main characters likeable and well-defined. The Moon Runners will satisfy both the romantic and the adventurer. Join Melanion and Atalante in their journey of loyalties as well as their discovery that love can be theirs after all.

Reviewed in June 2004 by Rho.

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