by Kay Layton Sisk

April 2004
ISBN: 1-59088-303-9
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Dr. Kathryn “Katti” Kathleen Thompson is on her way to Hawaii for her annual visit. Normally Katti would be staying with her eccentric Aunt Kathy (whom she was named for), sadly this year her visit is to take over the house Aunt Kathy left and scatter her ashes. However, upon arrival to the house, Katti finds it occupied by a very important person, his manager (and brother-in-law), Vinny, and nephew, Armando. She needs to get into the house to search for Aunt Kathy’s diary and jewelry. As Katti sits in the driveway she is nearly run over by the exiting, recently fired, third housekeeper. A plan develops placing Katti in her own home without kicking out the “guest” who have rented the place for one week.

International Latin heartthrob, Cesar, has been widowed for three years. Lately, he has decided that he no longer wants to tour. His nephew is supposed to make a decision this weekend about his future. Will Armando be a pro-golfer or take Cesar’s place as a Latin singer? With his brother-in-law as his manager, Cesar is having a hard time breaking his decision to the man. What he needs is a distraction, one that the new housekeeper seems to be helping him with. Cesar knows that Katti has secrets, but as he starts to fall in love with her he wonders if they will be able to work out their separate issues to be together.

One Year Past Perfect is deep in the old saying “What a tangled web we weave . . .” Katti doesn’t want the current residents to know who she is or that she was related to the old lady who owned the house they have rented. As such, she creates lies and half-truths to cover this up. While I truly didn’t understand the need for this, it definitely made for a charming story. One in which I spent quite a bit of time thinking, “NO, she didn’t just do that!” Cesar is definitely a Latin heartthrob. He sings, dances, and woos the woman. When things are finally brought out in the open (like pulling teeth) these two hard headed people still fight the truth. With a dynamic cast of secondary characters, I was pulled into this story as if watching a movie and enjoyed my time with everyone. The romance was quickly developed and sweet as well as passionate (what did you expect from a Latin man?). For a quiet weekend of fun, romance, and misadventure, I’d definitely suggest this as the story you’d want.

Reviewed in September 2004 by Vikky.

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