by Anthology

February 2004
ISBN: 0-7434-8253-0
Reviewer Graphic Button Downtown Press
Trade Paperback

“Scottish Girls About Town” is a well-versed, entertaining collection that contains stories about women and girls and their life experiences, captured sensitively as well as wittily by some of today’s very well known and talented Scottish women authors.

The charming set begins with an entertaining and yet serious story by Isla Dewar called ‘In the garden of Mrs. Pink’. It’s a coming of age story about a mischievous young girl who makes an unusual friend in the local prostitute and through her comes to appreciate her own hard-working mother. ‘Country Cooking Countdown’ by Siân Preece is a tale of on-air vengeance, while ‘Something old, something new’ by Leila Aboulela deals with the trials of inter-racial marriage. In Carmen Reid’s ‘’, a woman with a cheating husband and ungrateful children decides to take charge of her own life and happiness, while in Manda Scott’s ‘Crossroads’, a woman has to decide which way her sexual preferences lie.

A woman likes her relationships casual contrary to popular opinion in Shari Low’s ‘A True Romance’, while another female finds disaster and adventure awaiting her at the Edinburgh theatrical festival in Jenny Colgan’s ‘The Fringes’. Aline Templeton’s ‘A Mixed Blessing’ and ‘The Crunch’ by Carol Anne Davis have woman protagonists who take extreme steps when provoked beyond tolerance. From dealing with cheating husbands in unusual ways to taking care of bullying moms, from trying to sabotage diets to young girls dealing with adult fallacies; secrets, unrequited love and all – this collection contains stories which will make the readers laugh, cry, remember and overall, find themselves identifying with the protagonists in some or all of the stories.

Sincerely capturing the readers’ hearts and imaginations, these Scottish authors prove themselves to be at the top of their games and render this anthology a must-read for all. Undoubtedly, “Scottish Girls About Town” is destined for the keeper shelf.

Reviewed in April 2004 by Rashmi.

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