by Brandilyn Collins

April 2004
ISBN: 0-310-25103-6
Reviewer Graphic Button Zondervan
Trade Paperback

One terrible night, twelve-year-old Erin Willis opened her eyes and tried to think what had awakened her . . . something in her world wasnít right. She isnít expecting to find an intruder in her homeóand her mother dead.

Annie Kingston had moved to Grove Landing expecting to find a sleepy little town, a perfect area for quiet and safety. She isnít expecting to come face-to-face with evil.

Police have little evidence to find Erinís motherís killer, because even though Erin saw the killer, sheís so traumatized by the event she canít remember things clearly. Since Annie has a background as a sketch artist, she is asked to talk to Erin to see if somehow she can come up with a sketch of a possible suspect. But Annie doesnít have a background in forensic art and even though she is a non-believer, she finds herself crying out to God for help. Will God help Annie compose a picture of the real killer? Or will she send detectives on a wild goose chase, leaving the real killer to kill again?

When Brink of Death arrived in my mailbox, my husband and sons quickly gathered around to look at the scary cover of the book. Then my husband grabbed it and read the book through twice before I was able to get to it. Brandilyn Collins is a very talented author who instantly draws the reader into the story. The phrases she uses are very well-thought out, guaranteeing the reader will be kept at the edge of their seats.

Iím not a big fan of scary books, and judging by the cover, I was kind of afraid to read this story. I decided to read it during early morning hours only and not at night. It was exciting to see the characters grow during Brink of Death. By the end of the book I cared deeply for each of them. Brink of Death is a book for the keeper shelf, sure to appeal to suspense lovers of either sex. Iím looking forward to reading the sequel, due out this fall.

Reviewed in June 2004 by Laura.

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