by Leslie Carroll

May 2004
ISBN: 0-06-056337-0
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Itís New York City, itís hanging out with friends, talking about relationships, unbearable bosses and the strains of a working actor. Itís not Sex and the City and itís not Friends. Itís Leslie Carrollís debut with Avon Trade, Temporary Insanity.

Temporary Insanity introduces you to a city filled with struggling artists, rat bastards and people that do that name proud. Itís poignant, funny and touching. With it, Leslie Carroll has found the perfect outlet for her talented and entertaining writing voice and creating an approachable heroine that Iíd like to be best friends with.

Alice Finnegan is a struggling actress; in her thirties and with dreams of stardom she lives with her grandmother and survives on temp jobs. She survives office romances, tyrannical bosses and ďwell-meaningĒ casting directorsí recommendations with the help of her two best friends and fellow actors Izzy and Dorian. Itís her beloved grandmother though, a former Ziegfeld showgirl, who bestows on her the advice and encouragement needed to not only survive, but to actually succeed in this city.

With the subjects tackled close to Leslie Carrollís own experiences and the setting once more in her beloved hometown, itís no wonder that the story has a very personal and autobiographical feel to it. Being a big fan of Leslie Carrollís two previous releases, Miss Match and Reality Check I was curious of how her writing voice would adjust to straight womenís fiction. It works! The voice has stayed the same, but now it comes with an even greater confidence.

Once more itís spot-on dialogues and an unforgettable cast of characters Ė just take Aliceís grandmother of over ninety performing her high kicks at an Atlantic City nightclub. Do I need to say more? Temporary Insanity does have its laugh-out-loud comic scenes, but it is the quiet and introspective moments, the courage and hopes that really touched my heart. Welcome to Avon Trade, Leslie Carroll. Iím looking forward to your 2005 release, Play Dates!

Reviewed in April 2004 by Kris Alice.

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