by Arianna Hart

ISBN: 0-9748614-1-3
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Fun in the sun and a vacation fling are all the memories that Samara Murphy is planning on bringing back with her. Meeting Connor OíReily is a bonus. When she flies back from Jamaica, she plans on remembering with fondness the man who made her vacation wonderful.

Connor OíReily is usually the love them and leave them type. He doesnít want any attachments. There is something about Samara that makes Connor think of a more permanent arrangements. Trying to push her to the back of his mind, he goes back to his job as an undercover agent for the DEA. He gets shot in a bust gone bad. When Connor returns to Jamaica to recover, he finds out that Samara has been trying to reach him. Excited that the woman he canít forget wants to talk to him again, he decides to go and visit her.

Samara canít believe it. Sheís become one of those women who have a fling and winds up paying for it. Being pregnant isnít hard. Trying to get a hold of the babyís father is much more difficult. Even if Connor doesnít want to have anything to do with the baby, Samara knows he needs to be informed of its impending arrival.

Things donít get better when Connor arrives. In fact, it looks like someone is trying to eliminate him. Itís hard enough to get acquainted under normal dating circumstances, but when youíre getting attacked every time you turn around, it puts a damper on the romance. Connor and Samara have to find out who is causing the trouble while trying to make their vacation fling into something that will last forever.

Connor and Samara is an intriguing couple. Even though sheís pregnant, Samara can take care of herself against the bad guys. Tough and independent, sheís more than capable of raising the baby herself. She does the one thing that I wish more women would do in romance novels, she tells the father about the baby rather than assuming he only wanted a one-night stand and wouldnít want the baby. Connor is loyal and protective. Heís a bit of a slob, but is willing to work on having a relationship with the mother of his child. The sexual tension between the two of them is steamy. You can tell almost from the beginning that it isnít just lust driving these two. Jarred and Macayla are great secondary characters with personalities of their own.

Surprise is a roller coaster ride of excitement and love when two people who have a fling must work to make a life together.

Reviewed in June 2004 by Jenni.

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