by Arianna Hart

February 2004
ISBN: 1-55410-084-4
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Hunter O’Malley is going home after years of being away. Having a life as a racecar driver has provided the distraction he has needed to escape the memories, which haunt him. If only life in the fast lane had prepared him for having to face the reading of his father’s will. Hunter is determined that after the reading he is hitting the road for good. The money provided by his inheritance should be enough to give his career a boost. That is, until the conditions of his father’s will declares that Hunter must stay for six months in order to receive even one red cent. However, that is not the only condition by which he must abide.

Marley has had to be brave and independent for most of her life. Her mother kicked her out of the house when Marley was eighteen. After losing a job as a nanny, Seamus O’Malley, owner of O’Malley’s bar, took her in and became the father figure she needed. He taught her everything she needed to know about running a bar. That knowledge will come in handy since Seamus left her half ownership of the bar and enough money to buy out Hunter’s half. The catch is that they must live and work closely for the next six months. Marley holds little hope that the reckless prodigal son will stick it out. After all, he had abandoned his father when his mother died. Why should he stick around for her, someone he barely knows?

The attraction between Hunter and Marley is palpable. The pages practically sizzle from the heat of their chemistry. While the story line itself is all too familiar, it is the well-defined main characters that truly make this book a pleasure to read. Hunter’s struggle with his father’s death and Marley’s adamant determination to protect herself from getting hurt is written with sensitivity and passion. Readers are sure to fall for A Man for Marley.

Reviewed in July 2004 by Rho.

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