by Vivi Anna

January 2004
ISBN: 1-55410-036-4
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Goddess of the Dead entails all the things a good romance novel should have. Murder, jealousy, mayhem, sex…and blood. Did I mention the blood? Take a peek and see what this reviewer means.

Kiya is the Goddess of the dead. A rather damned life if you ask me and not too terribly romantic. She spends most of her time feeling pretty badly about her damned status too. But she has some really nice servants that, rather than kill for their blood, she keeps close by. That’s how Kiya survives - she drinks the blood of market slaves and the occasional farm boy. Other than that, life is pretty dull. ‘Til her man arrives…

Darius is a Roman soldier and from the moment he meets Kiya, he senses a strong connection between them. Kiya knows this is the soul mate she’s waited a whole lot of lifetimes for, but there is that dead thing she’s got going on. Of course Darius has no clue what he’s about to get himself into. Talk about high-risk dating! Onward they rush, headlong into a liaison that Kiya warns Darius is doomed. I mean she is honest about her ‘dead’ status, sort of. Darius just won’t be thwarted and wants to remain with Kiya for eternity. So what will happen when Darius finds out about Kiya? Will he run screaming for the Egyptian hills, or stick around?

First up, this whole blood thing was a bit out of hand for this reader. I’m not squeamish and I’ve read oodles of erotic romance, vampires by the dozen and still have not encountered as much blood as I did in this very short read. I got the picture in the first paragraphs or so, when I found out Kiya happened upon a loyal servant after killing his entire family. That said, I struggled with more than just the blood. I felt little or no connection between Darius and Kiya. There was no chance to sympathize with their plight let alone get to know them. The sex was an add-on rather than an enhancement for me. Throw Cleopatra into the mix for a bit of turmoil and betrayal and you have what this story was all about. The continual shifts in point of view made the read choppy.

I will say, this was fairly well written and for the most part, contained very few errors in editing. Just not my cup of tea, but by all means give it a shot if you need something quick to pass the time. Love on the Nile is Goddess of the Dead.

Reviewed in March 2004 by Connie.

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