by Jennifer Lynn

April 2004
ISBN: 1-59088-292-X
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Amanda Bradshaw is a librarian in New York City. She is a reclusive beauty, preferring the romantic stories and movies of the old west to the world in which she lives. Suddenly, strange things occur. There is her run-in, literally, with a horse mounted police officer, who calls her “Angel”, then the strange boxes of books about the old west including a book about a place called Calico and a cattle rustler named Matt Mallory. Then the police officer she ran into shows up at her apartment when she forgets to shut her front door (almost like he’s looking out for her). But strangest of all is when she volunteers to be an old west schoolteacher at the local museum. The curator stares at her all day. When she confronts him in his office, a pink dot shows up and widens into a person size hole going to nowhere . . . suddenly the curator pushes her into the pink hole!

Matt Mallory has the ability to time travel. He found a strange timepiece and has used it to his ability. However, the most important find he has is Amanda “Amy” Bradshaw. Matt has decided that she is to be his wife. However, when the town Marshall starts to fill her head with the “evils” Matt has done, will Matt be able to overcome Amy’s fears and reservations to prove to her that he loves her?

I really enjoyed this time travel romance. However, one does need to take more of a leap of faith than normally needed for time travel. Amy takes to and accepts the idea that she is back in time a bit too easy, though I would hope that I take it as easy as she did instead of becoming a blubbering idiot. Also, the love between Amy and Matt happens without much development. One minute she doesn’t believe him to be as kind and innocent as he appears then suddenly they are in love and she is staying at his house. If you can blindly accept these things without bouncing out of the story (like I did for the most part) you will really find this a sweet romantic book. I even clapped as Amy helps Matt and the town folk start to question certain things that they took for fact. With Amy a modern day liberal woman and Matt a touch ranch owner, these two characters are easy for the reader to love and root for throughout the book. A quick, easy, and enjoyable read I recommend New Prints in Old Calico to everyone who enjoys time travel stories into the old west.

Reviewed in August 2004 by Vikky.

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