by Anne Gracie

October 2001
ISBN: 0-263-827496
Reviewer Graphic Button Mills & Boon
Mass Market Paperback

Anne Gracie's latest, An Honourable Thief, is begging to be read! It has an intriguing story line you will not want to miss.

London has two sensations in the season of 1816: A Chinese burglar and a diamond heiress, both new in town, neither of who want to be caught. The heiress is a spirited young woman who traveled the world with her exiled gambler father. After her father's death, she returns to England to fulfill her promise to him: to restore her family's honour. Playing the social game, Kit Singleton, with her unconventional ideas and manners befriends and rescues damsels in distress and sparks the interest of one Hugo Devenish. Arrogantly protective of Kit and his own family, Hugo is an unfashionable but dangerously attractive man; he's a strong, tall and dark man, a man that a woman could easily fall in love with - but he's also a man looking for the thief.

It's a joy to follow Kit's escapades and to see her sneak her way into Hugo's mind and heart. He might think he's got it all under control but of course we, the readers, know better.

I love romance novels with thieves and mistaken identities and I love my heroines daring, unique and on the wild side. Throw in some costly artefacts, jewels and a hero that is brooding, rich and unpretentious with no regard for society's strictures and you have a mix that is irresistible.

Ms. Gracie weaves a story more complex than expected, surprising her readers with twists and turns yet never getting lost in them. I immensely enjoyed her writing, not just for a story well told but even more so for her way with words that had me re-reading whole scenes just for the pleasure of it. Anne Gracie has a style and rhythm that is both smooth and riveting, never cute but witty, never pretentious but always vivid.

An Honourable Thief made me laugh out loud more than once. It might not be as obvious as with her fabulous Harlequin Duets story, How the Sheriff Was Won, but her comic talent still shines through. Anne Gracie carries the humour, in bold and utterly true lines, throughout the story with an ease that had me giggling in understanding and sympathy.

This is a true find and definitely a keeper especially for regency fans. It's going to be hard waiting for Ms. Gracie's next release.

Reviewed in September 2001 by Kris Alice.

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