by Ginger Simpson

January 2004
ISBN: 1-59088-314-4
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Colorado Territory Ė 1872, Mariah Cassidy lives on the Rocking C Ranch with her handsome husband Frank and two children, Callie and Jacob. Mariah is wonderfully happy; her children are hard working, as is her husband. Her only regret is that she canít be as sexual as her husband; itís just burned into her by her mother to be reserved and proper even in her marriage bed.

Denver, Colorado Ė 2002, Taylor Morgan and her husband David are having a bit of marital problems. Taylor is a high power attorney and works hard for her career. She works so hard at it that she neglects David and he is going to put an end to that! David wants children and Taylor isnít really certain she wants any at all.

Freak accidents cause Taylor and Mariah to trade places. With their soul and memories in the otherís body, how can these two women survive? More importantly, will they ever be able to get back to their beloveds or will they have to live in different times?

Two women travel to different times, not to set a past back on the right track or to correct something going wrong in the future. No, they travel to learn that they truly love their men and learn to show them that love. Taylor, with no business meetings, starts to cook and clean for the man she is with, all the while missing David with such heartache that she promises to change her ways if returned home. Mariah learns about the future and realizes that to love a man with her whole heart and body is proper . . . even if she turns wild in bed. She dreams of returning to her man. Both men strive to understand that the women in front of them arenít really their wives but women who look like them. They teach both women what men really want and thus help unlock the door to their return. I truly loved the switching back and forth in this story and all characters, Mariah, Frank, Taylor and David, are written beautifully and realistically. I believe that everyone will enjoy this sweet romantic time travel story.

Reviewed in August 2004 by Vikky.

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