by Jennifer Cloud

December 2004
ISBN: 1-59374-195-2
Reviewer Graphic Button The Whiskey Creek Press

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Brianna Holmes has been attacked. Injured and scared, she wakes up in a guest bedroom at the palatial mansion of Dayton Vandamere. She is informed that her attacker has been arrested and she is safe. Yet, they wonít let her go. So, she does what any intelligent, independent woman would do, she escapes. Running to the police, she finds out that she has been lied to. She would have brushed it off if not for the stitches in her side and the utter conviction that it isnít over.

Dayton Vandamere keeps showing up. He insists that he only wants to keep Brianna safe. Yet her attacker seems to show up every time Dayton comes around. Brianna isnít sure if Dayton is trying to keep her safe or if heís using her as bait. As the danger increases, she finds herself becoming more attracted to Dayton. Unfortunately, she isnít sure she can trust the enigmatic businessman.

Dayton thinks his heart is shut off. Having lost too many of his loved ones, he doesnít want to risk losing another. Then he saves Brianna from her attacker and his heart comes alive again. For years, his life has been ruled by secrets that he couldnít betray. Those secrets are threatening to destroy the woman he loves. Can the guilt that has ruled his life finally be broken with the strength and courage of one woman? How long must he suffer to protect memories that should have been buried long ago?

Wanting More is a complex story. The writing is well done in this romantic suspense. Tension is carried through out. Unfortunately, Briannaís inability to make up her mind to trust Dayton or not slowed the pace down some. Even though we are given background information on the characters, this reader was never really able to understand Daytonís reasons for his actions. There didnít seem to be any deep emotional connection with any of them. Maybe if it were longer, the story would have pulled the reader in more. As it is, we are left with more questions than answers.

Reviewed in November 2004 by Jenni.

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