by Nancy Warren

June 2001
ISBN: 0-373-25938-7
Reviewer Graphic Button Harlequin #838
Mass Market Paperback

With Flashback, a new talent rises to the occasion of providing readers eager for new authors with a good and enthralling story; and keeping those new fans on their toes with her follow up books which are being released in THREE of Harlequin's lines, Temptation, Duets and Blaze. If those are as funny and as hot as Flashback, then Nancy Warren is guaranteed to have her readers spoiled and eagerly awaiting all of her releases.

In Flashback, Laura Kincaide's meddling grandmother has found a way to see Laura return from the big city to her small hometown. She is to work on the house of her dreams, a rundown Victorian building, as an interior designer, along with Jack Thomas, a carpenter and the guy who broke her heart in high school.

It's a small town where everyone knows your choice of underwear and your last boyfriend's family name. And the word on the street is that Laura, whose relationships never lasted over three months, is finding herself once more under Jack's spell.

But Jack is not better off. While constantly being reminded by his eleven year old daughter Sara, beloved child of the OTHER woman, of why he had to dump Laura, and doubting that he could keep Laura in such a small town, his ex-wife turns up proclaiming that he needs a new wife and a mother figure for their daughter. Even worse, the ex-wife is setting out to find him the perfect candidate!

Nancy Warren reveals with her first published book a confident voice, sparkling with wit and sizzling with sexual undertones. Flashback is charming, sweet but not innocent; the timing for dialogue and comic moments is there, but thankfully never too obvious or too forced. The very natural sounding dialogue has no difficulty in bringing alive the characters perfectly, giving each of them a unique voice, a voice that mirrors their personalities. I especially had to grin at the authentic feel of Jack's daughter's choice of words. Very nicely done!

It's easy to like Flashback as I identified with the heroine from the first page, refusing to put down the book until I saw her story concluded on the very last page. I also enjoyed the obvious love for small towns and their occupants who are foreign to me but were brought to life with charm and understanding, not to mention admiration, for their small town gossip and support.

However, it was the sexual tension between the hero and the heroine, both obviously meant for each other that had me won over for good! The attraction is tangible and the use of paint rather interesting... it's just such a shame that some very eager participants spoiled their own big seduction scene. Not!

Reviewed in January 2002 by Kris Alice.

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