by Leonie Daniels

March 2004
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On June 6, 1944, an Allied force lands on the beaches of Normandy. It is an overwhelming invasion to help free France from the tyranny of the Nazis. Though France has fallen, there is a small group of Resistance fighters that work undercover and underground to help the Allies defeat the German machine. It is during the frantic days leading up to the invasion and among those brave people that Leonie Daniels has set her story Nights of Fire.

A soldier awakens. His body has been beaten and tortured. He understands that he has somehow escaped from death, but he doesnít remember anything. A beautiful woman is taking care of him. There is something about her. He feels he can trust her, but he doesnít know her name. She calls him Paul. The soldier has information locked inside his head. Information that he is sure is important to someone.

Gabrielle Finley looks at the man she loves and her heart tears in two. How can he forget about their love? She longs for him to remember her, but there is something blocking his mind. She must do everything she can to help him regain his memory. Not only does their love, but their very lives, depend upon what is in his mind. For the war raging on outside their door will come to claim them and they must be ready for it.

Nights of Fire is an entertaining story set against a backdrop of intrigue and world wide unrest. The charactersí loving has a sense of poignancy when the thought of war is ever present. The story moves relatively quickly, giving a realistic pacing to their lives. The reader gets a sense of Gabrielle and Paulís loyalty and dedication to the cause of French liberation. Leonie Daniels reminds us that even in the midst of war, love can triumph.

Reviewed in June 2004 by Jenni.

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