by Judy Gill

July 2004
ISBN: 1-58749-466-3
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Even though Sharing Sunrise is the third book in the Golden Bangles trilogy it can be a stand-alone. I havenít read the preceding two books, but I plan on getting them soon.

Marian has had a crush, lust and love for Rolph as far back as she can remember. But he only sees her as the girl next door, the one he used to look after. Marian sets out to prove to Rolph that she is there for the long haul and she can be trusted, but she is not quite sure how. Accepting a position as his assistant at the marina and his brokerage firm is a good place to start.

Rolph isnít sure he can trust Marian to stay for any length of time. She has moved around a lot and he cannot be sure that she will be there when he needed her. Of course, Rolph is fighting the major attraction between the two of them. He doesnít want to be hurt and he is afraid that is exactly what will happen when she picks up again and leaves. Of course, the age difference of eight years has him a little concerned as well.

Rolph has a lot of inner struggles and ideas that he has to deal with before he gets to see Marian as she really is. She is no longer the wanderer and flighty young woman he used to know. He isnít comfortable with their relationship becoming public, outside of the bedroom. Eeven though people do know about them, it is not all the people important to them.

Marian and Rolph must both go through some inner struggles and emotions left from the past before they can move on to having a future together. Can they overcome their fears to be able to move forward? Sharing Sunrise is a story that will leave you cheering for Marian, hoping she can break through to Rolph, and wondering if Rolph will ever see the light. What he is looking for is right in front of him if only he would really look and stop worrying.

Reviewed in July 2004 by Pam.

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