by Joyce and Jim Lavene

July 2004
ISBN: 1-58749-467-1
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Jessie Kennedy is not having a good day. It started off well, as wedding days should, but quickly deteriorated when the body of her friend, Pat, was found in her well. Now she is the lone suspect in his murder.

Jessie is a strong-willed, determined woman with a secret. She has lived with the secret for five years, and even her fiancť doesnít know about it. She always knew that she would eventually tell him, but that day is here and she isnít looking forward to it. So she runs, the only thing she thinks can help save him.

Rhys is Jessieís fiancť but he is also harboring a deep dark secret that he hasnít told her about and doesnít plan to until their wedding night. But things donít go as planned when Rhys has to stand by and watch Jessie be taken to jail. Rhys is just as stubborn and strong willed as Jessie.

Can their secrets destroy any future they have together? Can Rhys, who finally comes to Jessieís rescue as her lawyer, help her? Being a lawyer is just part of Rhys' secret that he has kept hidden in the three months they have been dating.

Constant Craving isnít only about two people wanting each other but also trying to find themselves, who they are and what will happen to them once the murderer is found. They have personal demons that go hand-in-hand with their secrets. They must find a way to deal with it all while life throws twists and turns and bumps in their way. Through it all they are still able to share a laugh and a smile but they also argue and of course make up. Constant Craving will have you glued to the monitor to find out what will happen next to these two.

Reviewed in August 2004 by Pam.

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