by Vicki Lewis Thompson

November 2001
ISBN: 0-373-25953-0
Reviewer Graphic Button Harlequin #853
Mass Market Paperback

Suzanne Talbot needs a "rebound guy". Someone to help her get over her recent breakup and back out into the dating field - or at least that's what her friend keeps telling her. However, Suzanne knows only too well that her breakup was an excellent idea because she had completely lost interest in the relationship, and she doesn't really need a rebound guy at all, because she's having deliciously erotic fantasies about the guy her friend recommended: the handyman in her apartment building.

Greg Stone enjoys being a handyman. Even though his apartment is filled with literature and his IQ is close to genius level, he loves fixing things - especially broken hearts. By nature a patient listener, Greg is much in demand amongst his female tenants, to whom he offers a sympathetic ear when they need one! Unfortunately, Suzanne misunderstood her friend's implications, believing Greg offered a lot more than an ear! Greg, for his part, would very much like to offer his ear, his nose, and everything else he has to Suzanne!

This charming mix-up leads our two protagonists into a sensual fantasy with delightful results. Suzanne is perfectly drawn as the well-controlled corporate professional who has a fiercely sexual nature that is released by Greg. So many of her thoughts and feelings are recognizable - it requires very little effort to understand exactly where she's coming from. Greg, on the other hand, is well aware of his sensuality; he's only lacking the right woman to practice it on! The magic of the holidays casts a spell over these two, and their lovemaking is explosive!

This is a lovely book to curl up with and spend a couple of hours lost in Greg and Suzanne's adventures. If there is a fault, it is that this story lacks depth - there are few secondary characters, and none who really affect the plot. Luckily, Greg and Suzanne are strong enough to carry this predictable tale - they are likeable, human and fun to be around. While this book may not pack much of an emotional punch, it's certainly a pleasant read. Try it next time you want to read about a light and charming love affair.

Reviewed in November 2001 by Celia.

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