by Hunter Morgan

July 2004
ISBN: 0-8217-7684-3
Reviewer Graphic Button Zebra Books
Mass Market Paperback

Marcy Edmond’s life was in a serious dead end rut. She’s overweight, she's been in the same boring job forever, her husband and two kids barely notice she’s around and she’s in constant awe of her gorgeous twin sister. Marcy has no idea that things are about to change for her in a drastic way.

On a rainy evening she has an accident on wet roads and ends up plowing her new minivan through a bridge. Marcy, wearing no safety belt is thrown into the nearby woods. When she awakens six months later in the hospital it is to a new body and a new face. The same face as her sister! It seems that when the plastic surgeons asked for pictures to use to reconstruct Marcy’s face, they couldn’t find any so her husband provided a picture of Phoebe.

Days later, Marcy is ready to get out of the hospital and get back into a normal life. Of course she didn’t plan on finding out that her sister had smuggled her way into her house and taken over during her coma. I found myself cheering for Marcy as she came home, regained control of the household and begin a new regime of exercise and diet in order to maintain the perfect face and body she’s been graced with.

It seems that everyone in town is noticing the new Marcy. In fact one person in particular is paying her very close attention. He thinks her transformation is just perfect and he’s thinking she’d be the perfect person to be his next victim.

The first book in what will become a three book series for Hunter Morgan offered a standard small town serial killer storyline with a few twists thrown in. This wasn’t a strong enough storyline to keep me on the edge of my seat throughout the entire book but for those of you who like the whole small town type mystery--this would be one you would probably want to pick up this summer. The good news is that the second book in the trilogy will be out this month and is titled She'll Never Know.

Reviewed in August 2004 by Shelby.

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