by Michele Bardsley

February 2004
ISBN: 1-59578-000-9
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Sara Beaumont is a young working woman with a bad case of lust for her boss Zeth Peterson. She also has a rather unusual character trait for someone of her age. She still has her virginity. She is determined to lose it, and to achieve that goal she has arranged a fantasy date through a company called Cupid Inc.

Nic Anderson is the head of the accounting firm used by Cupid Inc. When he decides he wants to give himself and his employees a day off he finds that he has an appointment that must first be kept with a representative of Cupid Inc. Heís hoping that the appointment passes quickly, and heíll be free to play. Heís totally unprepared for Sara.

Sara, an unknowing participant in a mix up orchestrated by a higher being, is more than ready to lose herself in the fantasy she believes she has paid for with Cupid Inc. Nic, however, is not quite as eager, and only after talking with the head of Cupid Inc. does he become a willing partner.

Both Nic and Sara are expecting a one night stand; however there is an instant connection between them. True love often does not run smoothly, and when you have Gods interfering in the path of that love you can almost assuredly believe that the course will be far from smooth. Soon Nic, Sara, and the very unexpecting Zeth Peterson are all being manipulated by the Gods. Who will end up with whom?

Iím becoming a fan of the erotic e-book quickie. Cupid Inc. The Accountant and The Virgin was one of the most enjoyable Iíve read. I felt a real connection between Nic and Sara. I also could feel Saraís emotion as she had to deal with the possibility of two men finding her undeniably attractive. Michele Bardsley is a first time read for me. I can assure those of you reading this review, and the author herself this first time is going to be followed by more.

Reviewed in March 2004 by Sandi.

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