by Blaise Kilgallen

February 2004
ISBN: 1-931761-90-6
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Roxy Diamond and Jake Plummer have a past. Be it ever so humble, itís still a past. When they where in high school Jake crashed a party Roxy was having. As the party waned, the attraction between Roxy and Jake didnít. They ended up slipping away to a private place where they can be alone. The alone time didnít end to eitherís satisfaction. For years, theyíve both lived with memories of that night, and in their own way that night has affected the years till they meet again.

Itís now many years later when they meet again. Roxy has married and divorced. She is now committed to her career and has no desire in trying for any sort of relationship. Jake has taken a leave from his career in the world of finance. While trying to decide his future he decides to return home and assist his father with his plumbing business.

One of the first jobs Jake tackles is in the Diamond home. While trying to fix the leak he is again bombarded with his memories of Roxy. Fuel is added to his fire when Roxy, who is babysitting her family home, returns for a weekend. Seeing Jake in her home has Roxy also remembering their past and wondering if some of the stories she has heard about him since are true.

For Roxy and Jake the attraction is instant. Jake is more than ready to bed Roxy, and show her the good time he didnít show her when they were teens. Roxy is unwilling at first, but soon decides that a summer affair might be just what she needs to ease her tension. The relationship could be good for both, because neither is looking to commit, but still the relationship doesnít run smoothly. Things are only smooth when they communicate through sex, but should they decide to talk about life the smoothness is gone.

I believe readers will find the chemistry between the characters well written and believable. The ups and downs of their relationship have certainly been experienced by many of us. I donít want to give spoilers, but I will tell you that there is one particularly hot scene that will add fuel to your fire.

The Plumberís Helper is a pleasant way to spend a few hours pampering yourself. You might never think of the word plumbing in quite the same manner again.

Reviewed in May 2004 by Sandi.

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