by Debbie Macomber

September 2004
ISBN: 0-7783-2073-1
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Mass Market Paperback

As summer moves toward fall and your life gets crazed, take a few moments to reacquaint yourself with your friends from Cedar Cove in Debbie Macomberís latest offering from readerís new favorite town, 44 Cranberry Point.

As soon as I opened the book and read the first few pages I knew I was right where I wanted to be. It was wonderful to see familiar characters, and get caught up in their lives. So much has happened to them all. For the majority of the residents of Cedar Cove good things are happening or about too. The big exception to this is the Beldons. Bob and Peggy you might remember own the Thyme and Tide Bed and Breakfast.

In her previous book, 311 Pelican Court, Macomber wrote a mysterious death at the B&B. Now itís time to see if the death of a guest, Max Russell, was simply an unfortunate incident or in some strange way connected not only to Bob Beldon, but also to Dan Sherman who both served in the Vietnam War with Russell.

While Bob and Peggy are dealing with whatever ramifications might be forthcoming from Maxís death, the rest of Cedar Cove is hopping. Maryellen and Jon are finally husband and wife. Olivia and Jack are also newlyweds trying to remember how to be partners in a marriage after living alone for so many years. Grace is working hard on winning Cliff back after an indiscretion on her part broke his trust in her. Cecelia and Ian Randall are also working on learning to live together after being apart because of Ianís deployment. Charlotte and Ben are finding love while working towards getting a medical clinic built.

With so many things happening, readers are sure to find their favorite characterís lives updated. At first I was disappointed because so many things are updated that I worried that 44 Cranberry Point would be the end of this beloved series. I was very glad when I found out that Fall 2005 will bring us 50 Harbor Street.

Donít forgetÖthe kids are back in school, and itís time for just you and your friends of Cedar Cove. Enjoy.

Reviewed in August 2004 by Sandi.

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