by Julie Kistler

February 2004
ISBN: 0-373-69161-0
Reviewer Graphic Button Harlequin #961
Mass Market Paperback

Sean Calhoun is preparing to leave on a much-needed fishing trip with his brothers, Cooper and Jake, when he gets an urgent call from his mother requesting that he come to visit her immediately. Upon Seanís arrival Yvonne Calhoun informs her son that she suspects her husband, Michael, is having an affair. Yvonne has a poorly-photographed picture of her husband and a mystery woman meeting in the park. She also has evidence that the woman is headed to Champaign, IL by bus. Yvonne wants Sean to go to Champaign, IL to find the woman and see for sure what she is doing with Michael Calhoun. Since he finds it impossible to refuse his mother anything, even though he doubts his father has been unfaithful, Sean finds himself on the road to find the mystery woman and uncover the real story.

Appearing on a national syndicated television show giving advice to the millions of viewers about everything from organizing their closets to how to have the perfect relationship has made Abra Holloway a household name and face. Abra is on the run from her friends and fans. Her life is in a shambles and if that fact were publicized it could mean the end of her career.

After only a short time in Champaign, Sean canít believe his luck when he stumbles upon the women he thinks heís looking for. Although she is wearing a disguise, Sean is convinced itís the right woman. And he knows she is hiding from something or someone.

Sean quickly discovers one of Abraís secrets but he canít believe she is having an affair with his dad. Abra just wants Sean to go away and leave her alone. Sean refuses to do that as he is convinced that she needs help and heís always been a sucker for a damsel in distress.

Cut To The Chase, the second installment in the True Blue Calhoun trilogy by the talented Julie Kistler continues this mini series in superb fashion. Her trademark humor abounds in this book and her characters are as heartwarming as ever. Sean proves himself to be a true blue hero and Abra is a heroine in much need of rescuing. Cut To The Chase will certainly make the reader believe in happily ever after. Another fine addition to Ms. Kistlerís latest memorable series, Cut To The Chase was my favorite among the three books.

Reviewed in February 2004 by Barbara.

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