by Lorraine Heath

June 2004
ISBN: 0-06-052946-6
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Mass Market Paperback

Blown away! That is the best way to express my feelings about Lorraine Heath’s, An Invitation To Seduction. She has moved her always charismatic and emotionally charged characters to England this time around, and has moved me as well.

May 1881, the Cornish Coast. Kitty Robertson was mesmerized. Mesmerized by the most beautiful masculine physique she could ever have possibly imagined. The man was completely nude and glorious, sculpted like the boulder he stood upon. His thick black hair was wet, as if he had just taken a swim. She knew this because the strands refused to move with the sea breeze. And as Kitty watched in unobserved silence, only her most secret shameful thoughts, thoughts that aroused and terrified her at the same time prevailed. Afterward, Kitty would weep with shame, mortified by the fact that she was a woman on the verge of engagement to another. But, still, she lusted for the man who stood in quiet vigil proudly and defiantly facing the sea. Not only lust, she’d wanted to feel the very texture of his skin, every sinew, each dip and curve. She was raised to be a lady, but she knew in her heart that she was as wicked as the woman who had given birth to her and regardless, Kitty would go back to the very same spot once more.

Richard Stanbury, the sixth Duke of Weddington is a man with enormous responsibilities. Between his numerous estates, various business interests and his mother and sister to care for, Richard has little time for frivolities. But on this day he felt starving and invigorated. “He was especially, invigorated this morning after catching sight of the siren who’d been watching from behind a massive boulder.” When she escaped after he caught her quiet scrutiny, he wanted to follow, but he was hardly in the position to do so in his state of undress. Still, he remembered how his body reacted to the sight of her. Her hair was a brilliant red and rivaled the morning sun, her body slender and petite. She was dressed plainly so he was unable to detect the shape of her curves, whether her breasts were small or large enough to overflow in his hands. Richard was quite mystified. Should he be embarrassed or intrigued? Richard would seek her out once more.

Are you excited yet? I hope that I have given you a sense of what you will experience from the opening paragraph of this amazing novel. You will simply be enchanted. The nearly poetic beauty of Richard, seen through Kitty’s eyes is raw and earthy. And Richard's all consuming need for Kitty—blatantly honest. The secondary characters, especially Nicholas Glenville, Kitty’s fiancé are noteworthy. In totality, these attributes are all trademarks of a Lorraine Heath novel. She epitomizes the word gifted. I recall sobbing while reading, Always To Remember and Parting Gifts. Although, I wasn’t brought to tears in An Invitation To Seduction, I was completely and thoroughly seduced!

Reviewed in March 2004 by Janice.

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