by Heather MacAllister

December 1997
ISBN: 0-263-80658-8
Reviewer Graphic Button Harlequin #616
Mass Market Paperback

Trent's three uncles decide it is time he settled down with a good old- fashioned wife. So the uncles advertise, in a Texas magazine for a mail order bride for him.

Rusty's Grandmother, Agnes, sees the advert and decides that Rusty should answer the letter. Rusty is horrified because she has an important job with a deadline to meet. Not to mention that the idea is against all her principles But her grandmother insists on her going to the ranch for Christmas, after they get a reply inviting them. Trent is no more in favour of the scheme than Rusty is, but neither one tells the other of their feelings.

The uncles are delightfully eccentric men that you can't help loving. The visit has all the hallmarks of a hilarious disaster because Rusty hasn't got a clue in the kitchen, and her Grandmother's efforts leave a lot to be desired!

Trent decides he has no choice but to play along with his uncles, even though the choice of "the good little woman" as a wife scares him to death!! He doesn't want to get married or to live on the ranch, he is happy as a businessman in Dallas.

It takes both Rusty and Trent some time to figure out that neither of them are what they seem! Then the attraction between them really heats up! But Agnes and the Uncles are determined to get them married, leading to a wonderful scene where they devise a plan to snow the potential lovers in a little used cabin to force them to spend time together. They use fake snow!

The scene in the kitchen where Rusty attempts to make a hearty breakfast and everything keeps burning, then Trent comes in and tells her he only has cereal for breakfast! Her wrath was so funny it had me falling about laughing!

The book has a lovely old-fashioned Christmas feel to it as well as a healthy dose of romance. Agnes gets her share of romance with Uncle 'Doc', as he is affectionately known.

But for Trent and Rusty the path to love is filled with pitfalls!

A wonderful read for the festive season. I give it five stars.

Reviewed in November 2001 by Mary.

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