by Sarah Strohmeyer

June 2004
ISBN: 0-525-94798-1
Reviewer Graphic Button Dutton

Bubbles Yablonsky, is excited by the prospect of being a full-time reporter for the 'News-Times'. A late night visit from Carol Weaver, an escaped socialite murderess and almost being pelleted by a BB gun leave Bubbles shaken, but still determined to do her best on her first try-out assignment at the early morning Historical Society Breakfast. Things go South after her photographer turns out to be Lorena Ludwig, a woman whose wedding was ruined with a haircare error by Bubbles during her original beautician career. A fracas ensues between Bubbles and Lorena which swiftly escalates into a major cat fight, when one of the Historical Society members is insulted about her past.

The publisher wants to terminate Bubbles immediately, but she gets a one week reprieve when the managing editor realizes Bubbles has the inside scoop on Carol Weaver's escape and possible new information about the murder. The reader goes on a rollicking ride with Bubbles all over Lehigh, Pennsylvania and the surrounding area.

This is book four in the series and readers need to start with the first and read them all to truly become a 'Bubblehead'. Enquiring minds will want to know if Steve Stiletto, photo-journalist and Bubbles' boyfriend will ever stop his travels long enough to cut the sexual tension built up in the first three books.

Bubbles may know all the Clinique colors at a glance and come off as a ditz, but she is a fabulous mother to her daughter, Jane. Bubbles' efforts to get Jane into Princeton are both endearing and humorous.

Bubbles is a broad in the best sense of the word. Ms. Strohmeyer has created a heroine that we can laugh with as women from all walks of life.

Reviewed in May 2004 by Roberta.

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