by Molly O`Keefe

May 2004
ISBN: 0-373-44189-4
Reviewer Graphic Button Harlequin #15
Mass Market Paperback

Anna Simmons eats, sleeps and breathes her job. She is an ad executive and will soon be the president. The only catch is, she has to take six months off and get a life, a life outside of the agency. She is bored and doesnít know what to do with herself so she starts off with her laundry, that has been growing by leaps and bounds in her closet. Yep, she put all her dirty clothes in the closet instead of doing it.

In the laundry room in her apartment building, she meets a very hunky and well built guy. Things donít go smoothly as she has taken all the washers and didnít pay any attention to the sign about leaving one of them open. Sam is disgusted but also a little attracted to the lady as well.

Remember Anna has no life and the only thing she can think that will get her back to her job faster was to have a pretend/on-call boyfriend. Well she sets out to do just that with her neighbor that she assumes is home, since she knew him and they were friends. Well, letís just say that her friend is not who answers the door, but Sam, the hunky guy from the laundry room. Yep, Anna didnít return any of her friendsí messages a few weeks ago and didnít know he had moved out. How is that for not having a life?

Well Anna proposes the on-call boyfriend to Sam and, well, since he has nothing better to do, he accepts. They are both attracted to the other but Anna doesnít want him even semi-permanently in her life, only when she needs him. But that starts to change or so we think.

Can Anna stay away from her ad exec job long enough to start a normal life? Can Sam make her see that she can have both? Can she stay away and not let Camilla find out, what she has planned?

Pencil Him In is what seems to be happening to Sam. He is only needed when Anna knows Camilla will be somewhere and she wants her to see that, yes, she has a life outside of the job. But how long can Sam be penciled in before he gets upset and doesnít want to be penciled in anymore? Can Anna get over a part of her past that leaves nothing in her life or apartment to be desired? Is Sam the man to make her live her life to the fullest and get over her past?

The whole time I was reading the story I wanted to be eating Reese Cups. Why because that seemed like the only thing that Anna had around to eat besides oranges in her apartment or in her office. Pencil Him In is a story that will take you away for a little while as both Anna and Sam have their issues to deal with and work through. It is also fun to find out what Anna has up her sleeve next and just how well she deals with falling in love with Sam.

Reviewed in April 2004 by Pam.

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