by Jodi Lynn Copeland

February 2004
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Lucas Donnigan has worked hard at being normal ever since he turned his back on his foster father and brothers. Max Solaris took Lucas in when he was a rebellious teenager and trained him, not only in how to be a useful member of society, but how to use the powers that he was born with.

Lucas isnt in touch with any of the Sons of Solaris as they were known as. His life has become boringly normal until he heard from Solaris again. Then his life is blown apart. He goes in search of the psychic that Solaris said could help him.

Amy Vaness knows that she has to help Lucas. Shes just not sure she can deal with the anger and cynicism he brings to her. He may be as handsome as a god and kiss like a fallen angel, but hes turned his back on everything she believes in and in fact, turned his back on her. Is Fate trying to force her to break down the walls that Lucas has built around his heart? Will she make herself venerable enough to try?

Amy and Lucas are characters that show growth and maturity throughout the story. The reader can sympathize with both of them and the troubles they have dealt with throughout their lives. The story is a page turner that leaves the reader wanting more.

Sons Of Solaris 1: Aries is a great beginning to a series that I look forward to reading in the future.

Reviewed in April 2004 by Jenni.

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