by Julie Elizabeth Leto

July 1999
ISBN: 0-373-25824-0
Reviewer Graphic Button Harlequin #724
Mass Market Paperback

Hailey Roberts is in deep financial trouble - with only fifty dollars to her name and five hundred dollars in debt for a lease on her dance studio, what's a girl to do?

Strip. At least, that's what her stripper cousin Mary Jo suggested; after all, Hailey's already a dancer who has worn costumes that were next to nothing and she only had to do it for one night. It was just to help jump-start her dance therapy business. Sounds easy? Not really - wearing skimpy costumes for dance competitions isn't the same as taking off her clothes! Hailey arrives at Grant Riordan's house, full of doubts and more than ready to call the whole thing off. In the midst of explaining to several not-quite-inebriated men that she won't be doing her show after all, she is knocked unconscious by a heavy book from a nearby bookshelf that results in a memory loss.

Grant, ultra-conservative, super responsible and always gallant, had no choice but to keep Hailey with him for as long as she is an amnesiac. A newly appointed CEO in an investment firm, he can't afford to lose his job in a scandal - literally cannot afford it. With a grandmother to care for, a family Victorian home to restore and burned in a divorce by a greedy ex-wife, he really did need his millions, but after one night with Hailey, he would willingly shed his stuffy job for many more nights and days with her.

Julie Elizabeth Leto is quite a talent in creating a sizzling (make that red-hot!) romance between Hailey and Grant. Attractive, sexy, hard-working and responsible, both Hailey and Grant muddle through her memory loss with aplomb and a great deal of common sense. The secondary characters are okay though not thoroughly hashed out, some, I felt, were added for gratuitous reasons. It left me wondering if there were other stories that involve Mrs. Langley, or if there are future story for Mac (Grant's friend) involving his troubled marriage.

Though the plot is fairly easy to follow, even with the added intrigue at the end, the real reason to read this book is, frankly, for the sex scenes. They are sexy, intimate and tastefully graphic - a true trademark of any Blaze story.

Reviewed in November 2001 by Veronica.

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