by Dakota Cassidy

February 2004
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F.M.P Society by Dakota Cassidy is a modern day Cinderella story. As this was my first read by this author I wasn’t sure quite what to expect. What I got was a humorous tale of attraction turning to outright lust, and finally ending with love.

Mia, Katia, and Simone were three supermodels who met an untimely death when the catwalk they were on collapsed. They are living a rather unusual after life. They are a team of fairy god-mothers. They’re latest case is that of Cara Anthony. Cara is a nice looking girl who is suffering not only from a case of low self-esteem but also a bad case of lust for one Alexander Mackenzie, a business man who frequents her cafeteria.

Alex, as he prefers to be called, has had a case of lust for Cara as well. He has, for whatever reason, not acted on his wanting to go out with her until her fairy god-mothers give her a wonderful make over. Cara can’t believe she’s going to get to have one night with the man of her dreams. As it turns out one night turns into more.

As with most relationships true love doesn’t run smoothly for Cara and Alex. The total misunderstandings have naturally arisen, and threatened the course of their love. How it all is resolved, and what becomes of the fairy god-mothers we come to enjoy is best left to you to read F.M.P. Society and find out for yourselves.

Ms. Cassidy has let a touch of humor into her book without making her book overly comedic. She has taken a treasured fairy tale and given it a modern day twist, yet kept true to the heritage she used for inspiration. As I said earlier this is my first read by this author, and I truly look forward to reading more.

Reviewed in April 2004 by Sandi.

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