by Vicki Lewis Thompson, Stephanie Bond, Judith Arnold

April 2004
ISBN: 0-373-83566-3
Reviewer Graphic Button Harlequin
Mass Market Paperback

Fool For Love is a unique trilogy of stories, taking place on and around April Foolís day. Collectors of holiday romance will want to be sure and add this delightful anthology to their collection.

First up is Vicki Lewis Thompson, whose contribution is Fooling Around. The annual gathering of the April Fools, consisting of Lena Walsh and her two best friends Brandy and Meg is once again here. Each year during the two weeks surrounding April Foolís day the three friends band together and plan tasks for each other to do. Meg and Brandy have come up with a fun task for Lena. She must invite the hottest guy she knows on a fun date consisting of dinner at a fast food restaurant, a belly-dancing class and a round of miniature golf. Lena chooses her co-worker Andre Dumont for the date. She has secretly had a crush on him since he started working at the bank. Another key to the date is Lena canít tell Andre what they will be doing on the date. After his initial shock at the unconventional activities Lena has planned Andre starts to loosen up and really have fun. The growing chemistry between the couple could have them Fooling Around before the night is over.

Stephanie Bond introduces us to Katie Randall and Eric McDaniels, who had a one-night stand at a sales convention six years ago. Now as the new vice president of sales and marketing at Handley toys it seems that Kate is Ericís new boss. The two former lovers soon find themselves on a road trip through top salesman Ericís territory. As revenge for her behavior in the past Eric has made arrangements with his friend to secretly send Kate emails from a secret admirer. At the end of the sales trip he plans to send the correspondence to the entire sales team at Handley toys on April Foolís day as a practical joke. As the week progresses Eric and Kate start to develop a real admiration and respect for each other and Eric soon discovers that Kate is Nobodyís Fool.

Foolís Rush In, is the third story by Judith Arnold. The engagement of Mark Lavin and Claire OíConnor is announced on the popular Boston Kool X-treme WBKX morning radio show. Itís really too bad that Mark and Claire have never even met. It seems that the morning disc jockey, Rex thought this would be a cool April Foolís day joke to play on his boss. Once the Boston Globe gets a hold of the story things really start getting out of hand and Claire and Mark must convince their parents and friends that they are not engaged. This is much easier said than done and as these two strangers start spending time together trying to sort out this mess the joke just might be on Rex as the chemistry starts to build between Mark and Claire.

Harlequin has brought three of its most talented authors together to show that anyone might be a Fool For Love. All three stories are extremely well written and showcase the authorís talents as gifted storytellers. Vicki has secondary characters Meg and Brandy in her offering that I would love to see have books of their own.

I am very familiar with both Vicki and Stephanieís work but surprisingly it was Foolís Rush In, by Judith Arnold that was my personal favorite of the stories. Judith is an author I havenít read in a good long while and it was a pleasure to get reacquainted with her work in this anthology. Grab a copy of Fool For Love and celebrate this April Foolís day with Vicki, Stephanie and Judith.

Reviewed in March 2004 by Barbara.