by Julie Kenner

April 2004
ISBN: 0-373-69169-6
Reviewer Graphic Button Harlequin #969
Mass Market Paperback

Melissa Tanner receives a beautiful diamond necklace from her grandfather as a birthday gift. This is just wonderful, until she discovers that her grandfather, Gregory Tanne,r has stolen the magnificent piece from screen legend Emily Radley.

Melís granddad was good at two things. He was a brilliant character actor and he was an even better cat burglar. He taught Mel both trades, a love of the movies and the fine art of snatching something right from under the ownerís nose and never getting caught.

Mel has retired from a life of crime but knows she must use her skills to return the necklace before anyone knows itís missing and traces it to her beloved grandfather. Mel enters the Radley estate and cracks the safe with relative ease. She returns the necklace and thinks sheís home free and just then she steps on a foot of a very live Kyle Radley.

This encounter soon has Kyle thinking maybe the pairís meeting isnít so coincidental after all. He soon has Mel believing his grandmother and her grandfather are doing a little matchmaking to get them together. Kyle convinces Mel to pretend to be his girlfriend to keep the two at bay.

Kyle has another reason for wanting to keep Mel nearby. His security firm is about to be sued due to a big heist that happened at one of his clientís houses recently. Someone by passed an unbeatable security system and stole a lot of loot from the client. Kyle hopes Melís expertise in the field will help him figure things out before heís out of business.

Julie Kennerís stories have always been winners with me and Stolen Kisses is no exception. Although for me this one had a bit of a slow start, the delightful characters had me drawn into their story in no time at all. Ms. Kenner is known for creating strong main characters that jump off the page. Mel and Kyle do just that. The secondary characters of the ďmatchmakingĒ Gregory Tanner, Miss Emily and Aunt Francis helped round out the story nicely

The sexual tension between the main characters is classic Kenner and will leave the reader anxiously awaiting the authorís next release. Julie is a master at building her characters to a fever pitch before allowing them to find release and has shown that again in Stolen Kisses. Without a doubt, Julie writes some of the best love scenes ever to grace the printed page. Readers wonít want to miss this one.

Reviewed in March 2004 by Barbara.

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