by P. C. Cast

August 2001
ISBN: 1-9307-0932-3
Reviewer Graphic Button HAWK Publishing Group
Trade Paperback

What would happen if an Oklahoma high school English teacher is transported to a land where myths come true? Would she beg to be returned to her modern world? Or would this teacher finally find the place where she belongs? To find the answers, sit down and crack open P.C. Cast's Goddess By Mistake and be prepared for a wild ride.

Shannon Parker is thrilled. It's summer time and she has three months of freedom. So, she heads out to participate in one of her favorite past times, estate sales. She finds a reproduction vase with a woman who looked remarkably like her on it. Shannon decides to buy it. On her way back to Tulsa, she encounters a freak storm and crashes her beloved Mustang.

When she awakens, Shannon finds herself in a strange world where she seems to have become Rhiannon, the High Priestess of the Goddess Epona. To satisfy her father, she handfasts with a handsome centaur. Now, her world is threatened by a strange race of vampiric creatures. The chaos that ensues is all in a day's work for a woman used to dealing with teenagers.

Cast's characters are fun-loving and earthy. Shannon adores jewelry and good clothes. She lusts after her husband, even though she's unsure how the whole sex thing is going to work. The attraction between the two of them is hot. Red wine is her drink of choice. The reader can't help but root for a character who seems so down to earth. Cast brings the world of Partholon to life with vivid words that paint a captivating picture. It becomes a world the reader doesn't want to leave. The story is fast paced with moments of tenderness.

By the time you finish Goddess By Mistake, you will feel like you're leaving behind your best friends. You'll be planning how soon you can return once more to Partholon and the adventures that await you there.

Reviewed in February 2004 by Jenni.

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