by Sahara Kelly, Diana Hunter, Tielle St. Clare

February 2004
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The magic of Ireland shines in Irish Enchantment, an anthology from Ellora’s Cave. A young man’s reckless nature helps bring three couples together with the help from a Goddess.

Stitches In Time by Diana Hunter takes us to Dublin where Maggie Andrews and Liam Finnerty find a scrap torn from an ancient tapestry and go in search of the rest. Along the way with a little help from one of the wee little folks that Ireland is famous for, Liam and Maggie find that their deepest desires lie in each other.

Sahara Kelly brings us the musical tale of Fay Krakowski and an ancient harp that she finds. Harpist Bizarre shows us that even the most reckless of youths can learn from his mistake. With the touch of the Goddess, two hearts find each other and release the joy that had been hidden deep inside.

What if you could kiss a stone and be able to say eloquently anything you wish to say? For Kit Bauman, it is a dream-come true. She has always been shy, unlike her best friend and guy she secretly lusts after, Jackson Knight. Kissing a pretty green rock seems a strange way to gain the confidence she needs, but she’s willing to do almost anything to get Jax’s interest. Kissing Stone by Tielle St. Clare teaches us all that the only magic we need is someone to believe in us.

Three hot and steamy stories take us on an enchanting trip to the isle of Ireland and its magical tales.

Reviewed in April 2004 by Jenni.