by Jayne Ann Krentz

August 1997
ISBN: 0-373-25268-4
Reviewer Graphic Button Harlequin #168
Mass Market Paperback

Rachel Wilder was very protective of her stepsister. When her stepsister claimed she lost her job because of Abrahan Chance, Rachel drove all the way to 'Snowball's Chance' to seek revenge. Rachel was mistaken by Chance as his new housekeeper and she played along in order to stay and execute her plan. Posing as Chance's housekeeper, Rachael soon felt suspicious about the truth of what her stepsister said.

Abrahan Chance was a top security investigator. He quit Dixon Security and wanted to start his own business after an unsatisfied investigation with the firm. He went back to Snowball's Chance to refurnish the house that his father left him. When Rachel showed up, he just assumed she was his new housekeeper and started ordering her around to work on the house. He soon found out that Rachel wasn't his supposed housekeeper and wondered what the whole story was. With his investigator's mind hard at work, it wasn't a problem to find out what Rachel really wanted.

Chance of a Lifetime was published in August 1997 and was still out of print. It was another page-turner of Ms Krentz that you can easily finish reading within one day. In this book, Rachel and Chance had very similar characters - smart, independent, intelligent and very protective of their family. The whole story was simple, entertaining and full of love. The attraction between the hero and heroine was strong from the very beginning and you could just predict they would be together and perfect for each other. That 's what romance is supposed to be. Don't you think?

Happy reading!

Reviewed in November 2001 by Rose.

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