by Leigh Greenwood

March 2004
ISBN: 0-8439-5235-0
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Mass Market Paperback

Colorado Territory, 1868

Abby Pierce and her younger sister, Moriah had left the comforts of St. Louis to journey to Fort Lookout, in Colorado Territory to make claim to their deceased father’s trading post. It was to be the answer to their problems, but it was quickly turning out to be a nightmare! The store was trashed, the living quarters uninhabitable and the customers were mostly the female deprived soldiers of the fort who weren’t looking for good quality merchandise, they were looking at the Pierce potential brides! Abby knew this was going to be a tough nut to crack but was bound and determined to carve out independence for herself and her sister. After all a man had been responsible for Abby’s hasty departure from St. Louis, and Abby had sworn she would never be placed in that situation again! Being dependant and married was not for Abby! She intended to remain true to that declaration, that was until she came face to face with the handsome commander of Fort Lookout, Colonel Bryce McGregor.

Colonel Bryce McGregor had bravely faced many things in his military career. The Rebel army, the wildness of the west, having to keep the restless Indians appeased and on their reservation, but nothing could have prepared Bryce for the very beautiful and very headstrong Abby Pierce! Abby was everything Bryce did not need or want in his ordered life. According to his long term plans, Bryce was going to serve out his time in Colorado, then take a desk job back in his native Philadelphia, where he would find a wife for himself, and a stepmother for his precocious seven year old daughter. Someone suitable to fit into the polite society there. A woman like Abby might be pleasing on the eye, but her stubborn willfulness was not for a career military man like Bryce McGregor! Or was she?

The Independent Bride is by USA Today bestselling author Leigh Greenwood. Abby Pierce knows what she wants and how to go about getting it, no matter the personal cost. Bryce McGregor doesn’t tolerate any disobedience from his men, or his young daughter, so he isn’t about to put up with it from feisty Abby. These two spend three quarters of the book pushing each other away, fighting their mutual desire for each other which begins to get old very quickly. And like so many romantic couples who finally do get together, ( ex: Cheers Diane and Sam, or Moonlighting’s Maddie and David), once they do you lose interest, and where are those shows and couples now?

Reviewed in May 2004 by Bonnie.

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