by Julie Kistler

January 2004
ISBN: 0-373-69157-2
Reviewer Graphic Button Harlequin #957
Mass Market Paperback

Chicago cop Jake Calhoun is preparing for a fishing trip with his brothers, Sean and Cooper, when he gets a strange call from his father asking him to meet him at Navy Pier at the Ferris wheel. Not understanding the secrecy, by-the-book Jake goes to meet his dad.

Michael Calhoun informs his son that someone named Toni, who claims to be his long lost daughter, has contacted him. Michael wants Jake to tail this woman and find out all he can about her and what sheís up to. It seems she has booked a trip on something called the Exporerís Journey and Jakeís dad wants him to take the trip as well. Jake reluctantly agrees only to find out that said trip is sold out.

Enter Zoe Kidd - a woman wanting to cancel her seats, (yes she has two since this was supposed to be her honeymoon trip) on the trip. Looks like a match made in heaven since Jake needs to buy a seat. If only things were that simple.

Zoe refuses to sell her ticket to Jake. He even offers to buy both tickets from her but she still refuses. Zoe explains to him that since this is a honeymoon trip he will need a ďwifeĒ and she needs to get away so she will go with him and pose as his lovely new bride. Jake reluctantly agrees to the plan since he sees no other choice and he canít let his father down. Little does he realize that the fun has just begun.

Julie Kistler has made a name for herself using laughter and romance to stir things up. Hot Prospect is the latest addition in this talented authorís quest to do just that. Although the way Zoe and Jake get together for the trip might be a bit hard to accept, thatís okay because Ms Kistler makes you believe it could happen.

Off-beat ZoŽ, who reads tarot cards and believes she is psychic, and straight-laced by-the-book cop Jake couldnít be more different. Ms Kistler uses these differences to create a wonderful romantic comedy about two people who didnít realize they were looking for love. The secondary characters add to the mayhem and make the Explorerís Journey a trip to remember. The mystery surrounding ďToniĒ is still unsolved at the end but there are two more sons to try their hand at solving it and if Ms Kistler is involved there promises to be many more laughs along the way.

Reviewed in February 2004 by Barbara.

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