by Angela Knight

July 2004
ISBN: 0-9648942-3-8
Reviewer Graphic Button Red Sage Publishing
Trade Paperback

Valerie Chase has been having recurring dreams about the same man ever since her parents were murdered. Cowboy has been a recurrent “presence” throughout her life. Whenever she needed comforting, Cowboy would be there for her. The nature of the dreams changed as she grew older, though. Now, Cowboy is her dream lover as well.

Cade McKinnon is aware of the new danger in which Valerie is. Since he spared her life years ago, she has been summoning him to her dreams. Throughout those years their friendship has grown into something much deeper. Now Valerie’s life is at peril once more, and Cade is determined to do whatever is necessary to rid her (and the world) of the menace.

After losing her job without any logical explanation, Valerie is offered a very tempting opportunity. She travels all the way to New York to meet Edward Ridgemont. Little does she suspect the kind of monster Ridgemont is and how her life is about to dramatically change.

Angela Knight’s Forever Kiss is Red Sage’s first full length title. Ms. Knight has several novellas previously published in some of Red Sage’s highly popular erotic romance anthologies, Secrets, so it was not too surprising to see one of her books featured as their first full length title. Forever Kiss is a piping hot, action packed vampire paranormal that keeps the reader glued to every page. The moment I started reading it I couldn’t put it down. Valerie is a very believable character. Her reactions are the same sort of reaction that you would expect from any normal, intelligent woman when told that there is such a thing as vampires or that the man she has been dreaming for for years is real. Cade is a pure Alpha. I must say that Ms. Knight is a master in creating absolutely delectable Alpha heroes, and Cade is no exception. A little bit brooding, but not overwhelmingly so, Cade is the sort of hero we all dream of. Valerie and Cade are perfect together. The plot’s pace is quick and full of action. If you like your paranormal romances full of action and VERY steamy, you do not want to miss this one. This book is a definite keeper.

Reviewed in June 2004 by Mireya.

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