by Mina Ford

April 2004
ISBN: 0-373-25054-1
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Trade Paperback

Katie Simpson is in a bit of a rut. Stuck in a dull job, she consistently picks Mr. Wrong and ends up wounded. Well, Katie has had enough of that emotional wasteland. She is going to approach relationships like the men in her circle of friends - strictly casual, sexual encounters that donít leave her heartsick and numb.

Her best friend Janice is equally soured on the young men she has met and resolves to find older, more mature and stable (wealthy) companionship. George, a trust-fund baby who prefers his partners male, suddenly finds the man of his dreams. Doing an immediate about-face from his usual random pattern, George wants to keep David close. There is just one problem - Davidís visa is about to expire, sending him back to uber-hetero Auckland. Well, George finds the perfect solution - Katie can marry David, thus insuring his residence, while she continues on her merry singles way. Everyone seems to think this is just the ticket - except Sam, Katieís oldest friend.

Surprisingly, Sam is upset by the idea of a marriage of meaningless convenience. Even though his own romantic entanglements are largely superficial, he does not want Katie anywhere near the Registrarís Office unless Cupidís arrow has hit itís mark. Whatís a girl to do??

Written in hilarious first person, with a large dose of British slang, My Fake Wedding will leave you gasping for breath. Screaming to be read aloud, this sassy slice of singles life will charm the knickers off readers as we follow Katie and her friends around London. I do advise readers to watch BBC America or old Monty Python videos before reading this book. Otherwise you wonít have a clue about what everyone is saying. And believe me, you donít want to miss a word!

Reviewed in March 2004 by Paula.

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