by Donna Kauffman

December 2003
ISBN: 0-553-38234-9
Reviewer Graphic Button Bantam Books
Trade Paperback

Darby Landon was content to live a nice quiet life on her Montana ranch, where she could be herself in blue jeans and cowboy boots. She would leave the high profile society engagements to her father and her sister, Pepper who loved that kind of thing.

Pepper calls Darby desperate for a stand in for an upcoming social event. Pepper is planning a weekend away with her latest boyfriend and begs Darby to help out by spending a few days with one of their father’s high profile clients. She even sweetens the pot by throwing in a few days at Glass Slipper Inc so Darby can have a makeover and get an updated look for her chaperoning duties with the big client. Darby has a hard time refusing her sister anything and before she knows it she’s on a plane to D.C.

Shane Morgan has returned to D.C. to settle his grandmother’s estate. Among other things his grandmother was part owner of Glass Slipper Inc.. Upon arriving in D.C. the sexy Shane notices the limo there to pick up Darby for her stay at the spa. He is captivated by her beauty and hitches a ride to the spa with her.

Can a few days at an upscale spa turn this modern day Cinderella into a princess? Is Darby’s prince charming the sexy Shane Morgan or another she meets while in the city? The journey to the end is a tale full of twists and turns and lots of fun for the reader.

The Cinderella Rules, Donna Kauffman’s second offering for Bantam’s new women’s fiction line is even more entertaining than her first, The Big Bad Wolf Tells All. Keeping with the fairy tale sounding titles Ms. Kauffman gives the reader compelling characters and laugh out loud funny situations. Both Darby and Shane are strong characters that the reader won’t soon forget. The scene in the ladies dressing room is worth the price of the book alone.

With this smart, sexy captivating tale, Donna Kauffman is sure to generate new readers with The Cinderella Rules. I urge you to track down a copy of this entertaining book and come along for a pleasant journey as this Cinderella searches for her Prince Charming.

Reviewed in February 2004 by Barbara.

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